Mobile First Responsive Web Design

responsive web design

We design for the Mobile Screen First. This means that web designing is first done for the smallest screen and then, we move on to larger screen with more content and features. 

Previously, web design was primarily done for desktops but now the majority of users will access your website using mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

So, hire Full Stack Resources to design your websites so that it fits, scales, adapts to different screen sizes & resolutions and so that, it can be browsed, used or navigated on all types of devices (from mobile devices to big LCD screens / monitors)..

Hybrid / Native Mobile Apps 

Mobile Apps Development

Your customers / employees use a mobile device, literally, every minute of the day! This means that your hybrid / native mobile apps needs to be both responsive and reliable. 

A poor mobile app experience is likely to discourage users from using your app ever again. So, while you may get one chance to get your mobile app development done right, you may not get a second chance!

So, hire Full Stack Resources to design / develop your business / enterprise mobile apps for the Android, iOS & Windows platform.

Rich User Experience

Responsive User Experience

Hire Full Stack Resources to build a Rich, Interactive, Responsive, Engaging User Interfaces characterized by an Immersive Web experience! 

As your UX and UI partner, I will positively impact your project by being the customer advocate, communicating the ideas that resonate with users and I will also bring clarity to the information you present on your website. 

But I will do much more than that. I will provide users with an experience that naturally flows and is enjoyable. Finally, my UI help will make your website easier and faster to use. It will also help your users achieve their results and save time by making fewer mistakes and/or knowing what to do in case of an error.

RESTFul Api /Web Services


RESTful APIs are good for your business because it allows you to separate / de-couple your business services from your client-side technology (AngularJS, KnockoutJS, ReactJS, etc). 

A RESTFul API makes your data accessible from virtually any website /  mobile app. 

This allows you to build the infrastructure for your organization with fewer worries about any tightly knit dependency on a particular client-side stack.

So, hire Full Stack Resources to create a RESTful Api service layer for your organization that allows you more scalability, visibility, and reliability.

Node.JS Development

Node.JS Development

NodeJS will make your software development faster and also increases your productivity due to huge ecosystem that is Node Package Manager (NPM) which literally has hundreds of thousands of modules for your business, waiting to be installed and/or used instantly!

Futhermore, the high-scalability of NodeJS means that you spend less on infrastructure, since you will handle the same amount of load with less hardware.

So, hire Full Stack Resources to code fast, scalable, reliable, secure websites for your team / organization using JavaScript, NodeJS, Node Package Manager (NPM), Express Framework, Jade Template Engine, MongoDB / NoSQL.

Databases / NoSQL


Modern day application requirements increasingly demand rich & dynamic data structures, fast response times, easy scaling, and low total cost of ownership to match the rapidly changing customer & business requirements plus the powerful programming languages used in today's software landscape.

So, hire Full Stack Resources to design/develop fast, schema-less / ad-hoc NOSQL databases like MongoDB, CouchDB, Redis or the schema-driven relational databases .like SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, etc.

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